Transferring Everything from One Phone to Another

March 26th, 2016

Even though I had just bought a new phone about six months ago, I wanted to get a new one that I had seen advertised the other day. The only thing I was not looking forward to was having to learning how to backup an iphone as well as files like my music, pictures and games. I use my phone a lot, so I had a lot of things on it even though it was fairly new too. That was the main thing that was keeping me from getting the phone that same day, and thankfully I complained about it to a good friend of mine.

I say thankfully because he told me about the time he transferred everything from one of his older phones to a new one he had just bought. He said it was very easy, and he was actually able to do it through his computer. Read the rest of this entry »


I Need a Faster Laptop for Gaming

November 15th, 2015

More Cyber Monday laptops 2015 deals have been popping up as the big day draws closer. All of the big stores are pulling out the stops to make sure that they have their best products for sale and that they one up the competition. Many of these stores are even going to try price matching, which isn’t something that you always see from online deals. I’ve been wanting to get a new laptop all year long because the one I’m using now has hardware that can’t run many of the games that I want to play these days.

When I first bought my laptop nearly 6 years ago, it was a top of the line laptop. It had specs that put other laptops to shame, and was even able to perform better than some PCs. I could play all of the latest games at high settings and full screen with no problems. Read the rest of this entry »


Upgrade Your TV Without Going Broke

December 2nd, 2014

When the first television sets came out, people were amazed to simply be able to see a few shows even in black and white. These days standards are much higher, and quite frankly it seems like nothing is ever enough. Every few months a new set comes out, with more colors, a bigger screen, or some other fancy feature. These days anyone who doesn’t have a widescreen HDTV is simply falling behind, as most people would refuse to watch shows on anything less. Fortunately, with Cyber Monday TV deals almost anyone can afford to upgrade and get with the times.

The one benefit of technology rapidly upgrading is that there is tons of competition. Every brand wants to have the best TV’s out there, but they keep surpassing each other and lowering the demand on older models or smaller sets. Read the rest of this entry »


Moving the Camper Up to the Lot

December 2nd, 2014

Moving the camper up to the lot today. Last weekend Ed and I put down a concrete pad, made sure it was nice and level. I am going to dig a well and a septic system when I get a bit more money, but you can live without that for short periods of time. I already have the dish antenna set up for Satellite TV. We got one of those fake rocks to hide it under, mostly as a bit of a joke, but of course some fool might decide to tear up your satellite dish for no reason. Read the rest of this entry »


Best DJ Interface Equipment at Reasonable Price

August 29th, 2014

I am going to try to get more sophisticated equipment to help me be a better DJ. I have been using this second hand equipment for years and it really is not good enough for what I need to do. I am trying to become better and make more complicated tracks, but that is really hard right now because of my current DJ interface. I need the new equipment, and a new interface in particular, to really get my music career off of the ground. I have been trying to build a name for myself for years, and I have not made much progress yet.

But I am far from discouraged, and I think that I am only now really coming into my own as a DJ. The more I do this sort of thing, the better I am going to get, and so, eventually, I should be pretty awesome and have a lot of fans. At least, that is my hope.

I guess that I will start looking online for prices, because I need to buy something soon, but I do not have a great amount of money, and I will need to find something that is priced reasonably. I need to find a good site for this though, and i Have never bought this type of thing before, so I do not really know a good starting place for my search for new equipment. I hope that I will be able to find something good, that I can afford. I have an idea for a track that I will not be able to make, unless I am able to get this new equipment, and I am really anxious to go ahead and try to start to work on it soon. Therefore, I also need to make a purchase soon.


Using a Metal Detector While Scuba Diving

February 4th, 2014

Metal detector cerca chiusini tombini... a Trento - KijijiMy husband used to geocache all the time until he discovered something he likes even better. Instead of looking for treasure that other people hide just for that purpose, he discovered that he liked looking for hidden and unknown treasures even more. He had bought a cheap metal detector at a yard sale, and he started going out every weekend looking for coins and anything else he could unearth. He enjoyed it so much that I knew I was going to get him the best metal detector possible.

While his used one was nice, it did not have a lot of features on it. I started looking at different metal detectors online, and I knew instantly when I saw the one I wanted to get for him.


Beards Can Be Very Sexy

January 19th, 2014

I did not know if I was going to like my husband’s new beard that he was growing because he did not have a lot of facial hair when we first met and I knew that it was going to be different for me to kiss him with one. It started to get really hairy and out of control because it was going to be a big deal if he was going to scratch me. I told him that I wanted to make sure that he got a trimmer so he had to visit this blog to see what people were saying about the different things that had to do with the trimmer that I wanted him to buy. It was a lot cheaper than I thought it was going to cost but there were a lot of people that wanted to say something that was goign to make them feel better about what they had to say. I knew that it was going to be worth taking the time to read what they were saying about it.

My husband said that he did not care which one he was going to use, he just wanted to make sure that it was going to be good for him to use and be easy on the wallet. I told him that I could make sure that it was going to be worth the time to go and buy it. I had nothing else better to do on the rainy Saturday afternoon so I made sure that I could take the time to go and research which one would be best for our budget and for his hair as I wanted him to look good if he was going to keep it after the winter was over, he did and I was happy.


The Different Options to Repair Your Car

December 13th, 2013

There are a lot of issues that can arise with your car, one of them being a bosch o2 sensor malfunction that is relatively common in a lot of cars. Personally, with something like this I highly recommend checking YouTube videos that show you how to do your own repairs. They are typically easy to do and the equipment you need is definitely minimal in consideration. There are plenty of other options that you can go for, like checking with your local dealer or a car repair shop. Personally, I enjoy saving money. You can save a great deal of money if you learn how to do it yourself which is where the videos come in; there are many highly professional videos that will give you the instructions that you need to do the job well. It’s not always easy and sometimes you’ll want to speak with a professional instead of doing it yourself.


Got My Daughter a Nice Gift

November 27th, 2013

My daughter is thirteen years old and this year for Christmas, I knew that it was going to be a lot more difficult to get her a gift than it has been in the past. The reason why it was going to be so difficult is because she already has anything she could ever want and need. She has a smart phone, a tablet, and a laptop. What more could she want? I thought that I would pick her up a powershot s120 as it is a nice digital camera and I thought that she would have a lot of fun taking pictures of things like her friends and things that she sees everyday.


The Perfect Pillow for the Kids

November 13th, 2013

Gogo Boots Black Patent 4-5My family travels a lot since we have relatives spread throughout the entire state. Sometimes our day trips will only be a few miles in the car, but sometimes these rides can last for a couple of hours too. Since we have three kids, they can get tired while riding, especially after a long day visiting their cousins. When I told my sister I was going to look at some travel pillows for our trips, she told me to read some gogo pillow reviews first. I had never heard of these before, so I looked them up on my smartphone while we were still talking about them.

When I saw what they were, I had one of those moments where I knew I was looking at a great idea and only wished I had thought of it first.


My Son is Getting a New Laptop

November 8th, 2013

My son has been asking me for a laptop for ages. He has a perfectly good desktop computer that is only a couple of years old, but he wants a laptop so he can actually take it to classes and to the library for his schoolwork. I knew that laptops can be expensive, so I kept telling him no. When I saw some upcoming cyber monday laptop deals 2013 though, I knew that his luck was about to change. I have always gone out shopping on Black Friday before, but that was mainly to get good deals on kitchen and home furnishing items.

I was able to look at several deals even before Cyber Monday, and I saw that laptops are going to be cheaper than I even thought they would be.


Try Recruiting Some Friends to Help

October 15th, 2013

I was looking to see where the best cyber monday tv deals for 2013 would be and I was pretty shocked to find out that none of that information was out to the public yet, I always thought that companies put that information out about a week ahead of time, but I was thoroughly dissapointed to find out that they indeed do not. So I like everyone else in america will have to wait until the night before cyber monday to see where al the deals are gonna be.


Getting All My Ink in One Place

May 24th, 2013

I have been using the hot toner site for the last few months. I have been very pleased with the way that it has worked out for me. In the past, I have had to go to three different stores to get the ink for the different printers that I have in my house. It was very hard for me to get around to the stores to get ink when I needed it.

I have a printer in my home office that I have to use for work. That is probably the printer that goes through the most ink. I would say that I have to replace that cartridge at least every two weeks. I have to print out client contracts and many other papers that I have to give to my clients. They have to look nice and not smudge when they are processed.


The Best Gifts to Thank Groomsmen

March 9th, 2013

Your wedding is one of the best days of your life. This is true even in this day when the sanctity of the institution of marriage has lost some of its old world charm. The increased number of marriages that ends in a divorce does not affect the people who are starting their life’s journey with their favorite person. As you embark on this journey, you keep the company of your beloved friends as your groomsmen to stay with you. As a token of your thanks, you must purchase groovy groomsmen gifts for them.

In most cases, you choose your closest friends to be your groomsmen. These people must have grown up with you through school, college, work etc. and have seen all your great moments, not so great moments and awkward moments. Hence, you must know them inside out. As such, you should not have any problem in choosing the right gifts to impress them. But, men are not very good in gift selection.


Sinking Your Teeth into Great Reviews

February 25th, 2013

Reviews are a consumers most favored treasure. Before the days of blogs, vlogs, consumerist websites and the power of social networking we often made our shopping choices based off friendly recommendations or what the sales person told us what was best. While our friends might be intelligent, well meaning individuals and the sales person an individual with a big heart but a need to feed himself, it wasn’t the best way to shop. Now I can simply look online for canon t3i review s and I am given a massive list of reviews for this camera! Not to mention the dozens of blogs and websites that even do some comparison for you. With all this work being done for you, it can be exhausting wading through the stars and reviews that shoppers seem so eager to give their products these days. Any one and every one can have a voice; they are not shy about sharing it!

It has been a rather interesting experience as I attempt to modify my shopping habits by being more proactive in my research before making a rather large purchase. I want the products that I buy to be meaningful, to be as closely tailored to suit the needs I have when using the product. Once, a long time ago, I simply bought whatever was cheapest or, in some cases, what was the most expensive believing that one extreme or the other was a good thing rather than stopping to consider that neither could be the worst decision I was making. It is a difficult transition to make into becoming a thoughtful, wise spending consumer from the gratification seeking shopper. Yet, now so much of the work has already been done for you and all you have to do is stop and read.